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Best Tonic For Gin: Surprising Best Tonic Water Revealed!


Best Tonic For Gin

Tonic water is the most popular mixer for gin. The combination of quinine and carbonation give tonic water its characteristic flavour, which is perfect for balancing out the juniper notes in gin, particularly when paired with the right gin garnish.


Four brands stand out above the rest in Australia when it comes to the best tonic for a gin and tonic drink. We’ve covered them below!


Best Tonic Waters For Gin In Australia


Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Fever Tree Tonic water is generally viewed as the premium option, but there are now plenty of options on the market to try. The flavour profile of Fever Tree tonics are typically a bit more subtle, allowing your gin to really shine through.


Fever-Tree’s Indian Tonic Water is perfect for those looking for a lighter take on the classic tonic water. It is probably the most well-known of the tonics on the market, and for good reason. It provides the perfect tonic punch, without being overpowering. It’s light, bright and crisp. Perfect mixer for a G & T.



Capi Tonic


Capi Tonic Water is a refreshing and unique take on the traditional tonic water. It has a bright, citrusy flavour that complements the juniper notes in gin perfectly. With its bright flavour, this tonic will add some brightness to any Gin.



Strangelove Tonic No 8


Strangelove Tonic Waters are on the crisper, dryer side. They don’t have the ‘tonicy punch’ that many others have, which allows the botanicals in your favourite gin to shine through.

Suggested option: Strangelove Tonic No. 8 is their Indian style tonic water for gin. It’s flavour profiles is influenced by the inclusion of cinchona extract, orange peel, juniper berry. Pairs perfectly with gin!


Best Tonic For Gin Revealed


Our pick for the best tonic water for a G & T may come as a surprise – it’s a Long Rays tonic water and potentially one you may not have heard about! Introducing…


Long Rays Pacific Tonic


Long Rays Tonic Waters are a refreshing and unique take on the classic tonic. They tend to have light, crisp flavours that pair perfectly with gin, while still allowing the botanicals in gins to shine through.


This tonic waters are made with natural ingredients and no added sugars, making them a great option for those looking for a healthier mix.


We love the Long Rays Pacific Tonic and see it fitting right in between a tonic and a soda. It has a very delicate floral note, with a hint of lime and just a touch of sweet. It sits closer to a soda than a tonic in our view and really allows your gin to shine.


We often describe it as a tonic for people who don’t like tonic! So if you’ve been searching for a new option for a tonic for gin, give Long-Rays a go!


Published Feb 22, 2023

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