Latest News: Victor Harbor Gin Wins Gold Medal at Australian Gin Awards 2023!

How To Make a Boozy Negroni Spritz

NEGRONI SPRITZ   How To Make:   Ingredients: 20ml Heaps Good Gin 20ml Regal Rogue Bold Red Vermouth 20ml Imperial Measures Distilling Ruby Bitters Splash of Bird in Hand Wine Sparkling Pinot Noir Steps: Make a negroni by stirring the first 3 ingredients over ice Strain into a large wine glass with...

Try this Classic French 75 With A Twist

LE VERY FRENCH 75   How To Make:   Ingredients: 30ml Lillet 30ml Bitter Amaro 20ml gin 15ml lemon juice 2 drops liquid stevia (or a bar spoon of simple syrup) Ice Steps: Put ingredients into a shaker Shake & strain into a flute Top with bubbles of choice and...

Making A Miss Maple Gimlet

MISS MAPLE GIMLET   How To Make:   Ingredients: 45ml Miss Maple 20ml Gin Juice of half a lime 1 Star anise Ice   Steps: Fill a shaker with all the ingredients. Shake, strain & sip.   Super easy, super yum for a cold evening!

How To Make A Southeast Asian Sour

SOUTHEAST ASIAN SOUR   How To Make:   Ingredients: 60ml 7K Distillery Dry Chilli Gin Juice of half a lime 15-20ml sugar syrup (to taste) Ice Thai basil leaves Thin slice of fresh ginger 3 drops of Wonderfoam (or egg white equivalent)   Steps: Put ingredients in a shaker, shake,...

How To Make A Breakfast Martini

BREAKFAST MARTINI   How To Make:   Ingredients:  50ml Slingsby Marmalade Gin  30ml fresh lemon juice  30ml fresh orange juice  1 bar spoon marmalade  1 bar spoon of sugar syrup (to taste)  Ice Steps: Put all ingredients in a shaker. Shake, double strain and enjoy!

How To Make A Delicious Blackberry Sour

BLACKBERRY SOUR   How To Make:   Ingredients: 60ml Red Hen Gin 30ml lime juice 20ml blackberry sugar syrup (to taste) 2 thin slices of ginger Ice 3 drops Wonderfoam (or egg white equivalent)   Steps: Shake, strain and enjoy those sweet and sour vibes!

How To Make a Raspberry Gimlet

RASPBERRY GIMLET How To Make: Ingredients: 30ml Tasmanian Raspberry Gin30ml Aqua Vitae Gin30ml lemon juice10ml sugar syrup (to taste)Ice Steps: Shake all ingredients in a shaker, strain into your fave cocktail glass and sip away!

Making the “Life’s A Peach” Cocktail

LIFE'S A PEACH How To Make: Ingredients:30ml Gin20ml Peach schnapps20ml Blue Curaçao30ml lemon juice3 drops Wonderfoam (egg white/aquafaba)Ice Steps:Shake well until foamyStrain into your favourite glassEnjoy those peachy vibesYou might also like this peach cocktail!

How To Make A Baby Pink Grapefruit Sour

BABY PINK GRAPEFRUIT SOUR How To Make: Ingredients: 💕 60ml @babypinkgin 💕 20ml pink grapefruit cordial 💕 30ml lemon juice 💕 Few drops of grapefruit bitters 💕 Ice 💕 3 drops Wonderfoam (egg white/aquafaba) Steps: In a shaker, add all ingredients Shake for about 20 seconds until cold and foamy...

How To Make a Pink Pepper Orchard

PINK PEPPER ORCHARD   This autumn-inspired cocktail will have you feeling like you're wrapped up in a cosy blanket in front of a fire.   How To Make   Ingredients: 60ml @audemus_spirits Pink Pepper gin 30ml Lillet (we had Blanc but Rose would be superb) 30ml lemon juice 40ml apple juice...

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