Latest News: Victor Harbor Gin Wins Gold Medal at Australian Gin Awards 2023!

Tropical Chilli Gin

2023 Chilli Mandarin Gin was a hit, but we heard you wanted more heat. So it’s more heat ya’ll get (hehe).

For this release, we’ve enlisted the help of some local chilli growers, hand picked their best habaneros and soaked them in multi award winning Heaps Good Gin to extract as much heat as possible.

We have it sitting about 7.5/10 heat.

But it’s not all heat and no harmony. The existing citrusy Heaps Good Gin base combines with tropical pineapple and lime to create one of our tastiest gins to date (if we don’t mind saying so ourselves).

Enjoy with tonic, soda, or ginger beer with a slice of lime (yum!). Or, if you’re feeling cocktail-ey, try in a spicy margarita, gin sour or mojito.

Chilli Mandarin Gin

It’s back! We didn’t make anywhere near enough last year, but you loved it so much we’ve bought it back again!

Chilli Mandarin Gin was awarded a silver medal at the 2023 Australian Gin Awards (yay!).

The base of the gin is our Gold Medal winning Victor Harbor Gin, just tweaked slightly and with added mandarin for a citrus pop and chilli for warmth. This one won’t put hairs on your chest with heat. It has warmth without the big chilli burn, but plenty of chilli flavour.

Enjoy with tonic, soda, or ginger beer with a slice of lime (yum!).

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