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Distiller Reveals The 8 Best Mixers For Coffee Gin


Coffee gin is the perfect way to end a night out or on a relaxing weekend with friends.


From classic sodas to unusual ingredients, we’re going to step you through seven great mixers for coffee gin.


There’s something for everyone so get ready to find out what secret combinations work best – we’re sure you’ll find something you like here!


Coffee Gin Mixers


Coffee gin has a unique flavour profile that contrasts significantly to normal gin. Its roastey, coffee-like notes make it a truly special spirit.


What you decide to pair it can take a so-so drink to another level. So let’s take a look at how to drink coffee gin!


Tonic Water


Tonic water is a classic mixer for gin that most people are well aware of, but it also pairs very well with coffee gin.


The bitterness of tonic water complements the earthy flavour of coffee gin, creating a refreshing and balanced drink. In addition, the carbonation in tonic water also adds a fizzy texture. Worth a try!


Ginger Beer


Ginger beer is a spicy and flavourful mixer that adds a unique kick to coffee gin.


The sweetness of ginger beer complements the bitterness of coffee gin like tonic does, creating a harmonious flavour profile. The spicy notes of ginger beer also add complexity and depth.




Coke is not everyone’s preferred option as a gin mixer in general, but it does go really well with coffee gin. It closely resembles the Black Russian cocktail flavour. Well worth trying!


Soda Water


Soda water is a versatile mixer that works well with almost any spirit, including coffee gin. Soda is obviously more subtle than tonic and ginger beer. The main benefit of soda as a mixer is that it allows the flavour of the coffee gin to shine through. The effervescence of soda water also adds a refreshing element, making it a perfect drink for hot summer days.




Lemonade is a good option if you’re after some extra sweet and sour. The sourness of lemonade complements the bitterness of coffee gin, creating a balanced and refreshing drink. The sweetness also balances out the bitterness of coffee gin, making it a popular choice for people that like to just mask the gin flavour a little. It’s perfect for beginner gin drinkers.


Orange Juice


Using orange juice for when you’re looking for ideas on what to drink coffee gin with is another fantastic option! We find that the combination of orange juice and coffee flavour creates a flavour very similar to jaffa.


The acidity of orange juice also adds a refreshing element, making it a popular choice among those who want a drink that is both sweet and sour.




You can treat most coffee gin’s exactly like you would a Baileys or Kahlua. People often like to enjoy these types of drinks in Milk. They essentially create a flavour and mouth feel similar to an iced late. And we do find that throwing in a handful of ice really works well!



Our final suggestion is to just keep it simple and enjoy your coffee gin over ice. Often you’ll find that the ice keeps it super cold, which is our preferred way to drink it and as the ice melts through the gin, it dilutes it a little too.


Best Garnish For Coffee Gin


When you combine coffee gin with garnishes, you can create a range of incredible flavour sensations.


The great thing about coffee gin in particular is that it’s unique flavour lends itself to very unique garnishes. Forget regular garnish, let’s take a look at some really different options!


Lemon twist: A simple and classic garnish that adds a citrusy note to coffee gin drinks.


Cinnamon stick: Provides a warm and spicy aroma and flavour that complements the coffee and gin.


Vanilla bean: Adds a sweet and creamy flavour that enhances the coffee and gin flavours.


Chocolate shavings: A decadent garnish that adds a rich and indulgent touch to coffee gin drinks.


Whipped cream: A creamy and sweet topping that adds a luxurious and satisfying element to coffee gin cocktails.


Coffee Gin & Tonic Recipe

Coffee and Gin may sound like an odd combination, but the flavour combo really does work well. Here’s a basic gin to tonic ration to work with:

  • 30ml coffee gin
  • 90ml tonic
  • Lots of ice
  • Garnish with your preferred option from those mentioned above.


Coffee Gin Cocktail Ideas


Coffee Gin Martini


  • 60 ml coffee gin
  • 30 ml coffee liqueur
  • 15 ml simple syrup
  • 15 ml fresh lemon juice
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans for garnish


Cold Brew Negroni


  • 30 ml coffee gin
  • 30 ml sweet vermouth
  • 30 ml Campari
  • 30 ml cold brew coffee
  • Orange peel for garnish
  • Ice


Summing up


Coffee gin is legitimately a coffee and gin lovers delight. The perfect pairing! And because it’s a bit unique compared to many other flavoured gins, you get to try out a whole new range of mixers, garnishes and cocktails too. So jump in, try something new and enjoy your coffee delight!


Published Mar 14, 2023

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