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Gin and Lemonade: Gin Distiller’s Advice On How To Drink It


Gin has been a popular spirit around the world for centuries, and Australia is no exception.

With the growth of the craft spirits industry, Australian gin has become increasingly sought-after for its unique flavours and quality.

As a result, gin cocktails have taken the spotlight in bars and homes across the country.

In this article, we’ll explore two classic and refreshing gin cocktails, Gin and Sprite and Gin and Lemonade, and discover how to make them with the best local Australian ingredients.


Gin and Sprite

Gin and Sprite is a simple yet delicious cocktail that’s perfect for a hot summer day or a casual get-together with friends. Combining the botanical flavours of gin with the sweet, citrusy taste of Sprite, this drink is a true crowd-pleaser.

To make a Gin and Sprite with an Australian twist, consider using a local craft gin and an Australian-made lemon-lime soda. The ideal gin-to-Sprite ratio is 1:3, but feel free to adjust it to your taste preferences.


Gin and Lemonade

Gin and Lemonade is another refreshing cocktail that showcases the delightful combination of gin and citrus.

The tartness of lemonade perfectly complements the herbal notes of gin, creating a balanced and satisfying drink. For an Australian version, use an Australian gin and either a homemade lemonade or a locally-produced one.

The recommended gin-to-lemonade ratio is 1:2, but like the Gin and Sprite, you can modify it to suit your tastes.


Gin and Lemonade Recipe

A classic Gin and Lemonade recipe involves mixing gin and Sprite in a 1:3 ratio, served over ice in a highball glass.

Simply fill a highball glass with ice, pour in your preferred gin, top with Sprite, and stir gently. Garnish with a lemon or lime wedge to enhance the citrus notes.


Gin and Lemonade Calories

How many calories in gin and lemonade? A Gin and Sprite cocktail typically contains around 150-200 calories, depending on the serving size and the specific gin used.


Best Gin For Lemonade

The best gin for Sprite is typically a London Dry Gin or a versatile Australian gin that balances well with the sweet and citrusy flavour of Sprite.


Cocktail Ideas

Gin and Sprite cocktails are simple, refreshing, and perfect for any occasion. By adding fresh fruit, herbs, or flavoured liqueurs, you can create unique variations of this classic drink.


Garnish For Lemonade and Gin

Variations can include adding garnishes such as cucumber slices, fresh berries, or a splash of elderflower liqueur to introduce new flavours and complexity to your drink.

More common garnishes include lemon or lime wedges, mint leaves, or even a sprig of rosemary for an aromatic twist.


Gin and Sprite With Lime

Pair of gin and tonics with lime garnish

Adding a lime wedge to your Gin and Sprite enhances the cocktail’s refreshing citrus notes, creating a more vibrant and invigorating drink.


Gin and Sprite with mint

A sprig of fresh mint adds a cooling, aromatic touch to a Gin and Sprite, making it an even more refreshing beverage.


Gin and Sprite vs. Gin and Lemonade

Gin and Sprite is sweeter and less tart than Gin and Lemonade, which has a more pronounced sourness from the lemonade.


Gin Lemonade Drink Names

Gin and Sprite drinks may go by different names, such as Gin Spritzer, Gin Lemon Fizz, or Gin Rickey, depending on the specific ingredients and garnishes used.



If you’re looking for alternatives to lemonade, consider using other lemon-lime sodas, squash or something like Solo, sparkling water with a splash of citrus juice, or tonic water for a different flavour profile.


Pairing With Australian Cuisine

To complete your Australian gin cocktail experience, consider pairing with some delicious local dishes. The light and citrusy flavours of these cocktails make them versatile options for a variety of food pairings.

Consider pairing it with grilled seafood like prawns or barramundi, or a fresh salad featuring Australian ingredients like macadamia nuts and bush tomatoes.

Try pairing the drink with spicy dishes like Thai-inspired Australian curries or a flavourful chicken or veggie stir-fry.


Summing Up

Whether you prefer Gin and Sprite or Gin and Lemonade, incorporating local Australian ingredients can take these classic cocktails to a whole new level.

Give them a try with your favourite Australian gin and discover the unique flavours and experiences that await. Don’t forget to share your favourite way to drink gin with your fellow gin enthusiasts!


Published Apr 03, 2023

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