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Gin Subscriptions: The Ultimate Guide To Australian Gin Boxes


Gin Subscriptions Australia


Subscription NameCostFrequency
Gin Society$85Monthly
Prohibition Bootleg Box$165Quarterly
Liquor Loot$64Monthly
Garden Street Gin Club$99Monthly
Juniper Society$59Monthly
Box Bar$59Monthly
The Craft & Co GinScription$95Monthly
Covent Garden$119Monthly


Gin is a classic and versatile spirit that’s been enjoyed for centuries. With the huge surge in popularity of gin in Australia in recent years, gin subscription services have become more popular than ever.


These services provide a convenient and exciting way to explore a variety of gins from around the world, without having to leave the comfort of your home.


Gin Subscription Benefits


One of the benefits of gin subscription services is the chance to discover new and unique gins that you might not have had access to otherwise. Many of these services offer gins that are not readily available in liquor stores, giving subscribers the opportunity to try something truly special.


Moreover, a gin subscription service provides a great way to broaden your palate and try gins from different countries, each with its own unique taste and production process.


Best Gin Subscriptions


Gin Society

The Gin Society, for instance, is a subscription service that offers bi-monthly delivery of a top-notch small batch gin sourced from around the world. This service is perfect for anyone who wants to explore different gins and learn more about the stories behind them.


Sourced by a team of experts, Gin Society’s picks range from small Australian craft gins to international award-winners, giving its members plenty of variety. Each delivery comes with an issue of the Gin Journal magazine so you can try out new gin-based cocktails and discover the stories of makers and mixologists.


Cost: $85 per month.


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Prohibition Bootleg Box


In our opinion, this is the best value, most jam-packed gin subscription box on the market. Who doesn’t love Prohibition Gin right?!!


They absolutely stuff it full of Prohibition goodness including first access to new releases, a mix of large and small bottles of gin in each subscription (that’s been our experience with it), garnish, bar supplies (eg shot pourers, metal straws or even a hip flask) handouts, information, recipes PLUS a quarterly zoom masterclass with Prohibition’s Head Distiller.


There are no lock-ins after your first purchase and we find that quarterly is the perfect duration between boxes. Not too frequent, mot too far apart


Prohibition Bootleg Box Cost: $165 quarterly


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These gin subscription boxes are a great way to discover new and exciting gins from around the world, and make it easy and convenient to enjoy a variety of gin-based cocktails from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a seasoned gin connoisseur or just getting started with this popular spirit, there’s a gin subscription box out there for everyone.


Liquor Loot


Sometimes referred to as Gin Loot, Liquor Loot have a Explorer Gin Membership, which  is another popular Australian gin subscription service.


The service prides itself on offering a mix of classic and more inventive gins, each presented in custom-designed glassware. Inside each stunning bespoke box, members will find recipe cards to whip up a refreshing cocktail using the gins curated by Gin Loot’s sommeliers.


Liquor Loot Gin Subscription Cost: $64 per month for 3 x 60ml serves. Add $10 for tonic.


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Update 1 October 2023: Gintonic is no longer in business. We’ve kept this overview here for historical reference.

Gintonica is another Australian gin subscription service that offers monthly delivery of four 50ml Australian craft gins and printed tasting notes through it’s ‘Gin-a-Month’ subscription.


The service is committed to showcasing some of Australia’s finest gin distilleries, providing subscribers with a curated selection of craft gins from across the country.


There is also the option to pay for longer periods upfront and score a discount. You can get 15% off full sized bottles for all gins in the current gin subscription box .


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Garden Street Gin Club


Garden Street Gin Club was founded by partners Josh and Lauren’s love of quality craft gins.


This Australian gin subscription service delivers a premium gin experience, complete with a tonic and sweet and savoury snack to pair with your new gin in each box.


Offering free delivery Australia-wide, you can discover Garden Street Gin Club’s expert picks for A$99 per month (which gives you a 700ml bottle of hand-selected gin and assorted goodies) or try out one of their one-off gin boxes.


They also offer varying frequencies of monthly, every two months or quarterly.


Cost: $99 per month.


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Juniper Society


What we love about this particular gin subscription box is that it’s the only (that we know of) gin box where you can get once-off, never-to-be-seen-again gin releases sent to your door every month.


Some of the prior releases include: F*ck Covid, Lilly Pilly Old Tom, Cider Gin, Christmas Tree, VB, Heat of the Moment, Pickled Gin, F*ck Bushfires, Forager of The Valley, Rise & Shine, Paw Paw, Cream Gin, Jörd plus Orange & Saffron.


Some interesting names there!!

The distillery behind the box is Old Youngs, which is one of the premier distilleries in Australia. Their gins are incredible. Well worth a look!


Cost: $59 monthly.


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Box Bar

box mar monthly gin subscription box


Box Bar offer a number of subscriptions, including gin and whiskey. Specifically for gin, they offer cocktail boxes, tasting boxes and then two subscription options:

1 – Tasting subscription

2 – Full bottle subscription


Tasting Subscription Option: With this gin box subscription, you receive three 50ml servings of new gins per month. You also receive a heaps of added extras ranging from tonic, matching garnishes, tasting notes and videos and interviews with industry experts. Cancel or pause at any time (nice!).


Bottle Subscription Option: With this option, you get a full sized bottle to match your taste (you can do an online quiz prior to receiving your bottle). In addition, you receive a 30ml sampler of the gin you receive so you can try it before you crack it open. If it’s not to your tasting, you can swap it for something else – nice!


Cost: Usually $70, you’ll find a few discount options and can pick it up for $59 per month.


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The Craft & Co GinScription


This gin subscription box is provided by The Craft & Co, which is a popular Melbourne-based brewery and distillery. Their subscription boxes contain one of their gins (it’s a mystery each month!), two gin mixers to match the gin, matched garnishes and then cocktail recipes and tasting notes to help you enjoy your new gin to the fullest.


Although you receive the boxes monthly, you purchase them in either 3 month, 6 month or 12 month packages. So you can buy and enjoy.


Cost: $95 per month (for the three month purchase)


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Covent Garden


If limited releases and early access to new gins are your thing, then Covent Garden might be a perfect subscription box for you! Each month they release a brand new full bottle gin for members and their point of difference is gins that are either once-off production, or being released to Covent Garden subscribers before being released to the public.


In addition to a special gin, you get all the other goodies you expect from a gin subscription box, including matched tonic and garnish, tasting notes etc. A cool feature of their service is ability to pause, skip or cancel at any time.


Cost: $119 per month.


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Summing Up

Are Gin Clubs Worth It?

Gin subscription clubs are the best way to explore new and unique gins. They offer variety, education, new ideas and value for money.


Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or just starting to discover the world of gin, there’s a subscription service out there that caters to your needs.


From international award-winners to premium Australian gins, each service offers its own unique selection of gins to try, providing an exciting and convenient way to discover the best of the world of gin.


Published Feb 15, 2023

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