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Ginto, G & T, Gin Tonic. How Countries Around The World Define A G & T


Drinking a gin and tonic is a popular activity around the world, but did you know that different countries refer to this classic cocktail by different names?


From ‘G&T’ to ‘Pink Lady,’ there are a variety of different ways people from various countries refer to this classic drink. Now that Covid is (largely) behind us, next time you’re travelling overseas and feel like a G & T, here’s what you can ask for to fit right in!




In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a gin and tonic is simply known as a G&T or gin and tonic. Much the same way as we describe it here in Australia.


In Spain, Italy and France, the drink is commonly referred to as ‘Gin Tonic’ and in Germany the drink is called a ‘Gintonic’. So the neighbouring countries pronounce it the same way, just spell it slightly differently.


The drink is referred to as a ‘Джин-тоник’ or ‘Gin Tonik’ in Russia.


So whilst other European nations tend to drop the ‘and’ in the middle, UK and Irish residents go all the way with it!


‘Ginto’ is the common terminology used in Belgium and the Netherlands, whilst Scandinavian natives refer to it as a ‘GT’.


Canada & US


Meanwhile, in Canada and the US, just like us here in Australia, the beverage is generally referred to as a ‘Gin & Tonic’ or simply a ‘G&T’


Other Countries:


In South Africa, locals refer to the beverage as a ‘Pink Lady’ (due to it’s pink colour and often using pink gin), while in Mexico it is often referred to as a ‘Tónica con Ginebra’. Finally, in japan, it’s referred to as ジン・トニック, phonetically “jin tonikku” or Gin Tonic.


No matter what it’s called, when it comes to what to mix with gin, the humble gin and tonic will always remain one of the most popular drinks around the world!

Published Sep 05, 2022

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