Even Cancellation Sale


We haven’t had much luck with gin events here in SA lately. We were were meant to be having a blast at Cellar Door Fest and Homebrewed in Feb, but both were cancelled due to Covid.

As a result, we have about 50 bottles of Heaps Good Gin and Native Pink Gin that were set aside for those events and are now collecting dust in our living room 😂

Given that you’ve expressed interest in one or both of Heaps Good Gin or Native Pink Gin in the past, we figured the gin might be better at your place and in your glass than sitting in tubs in our living room! So if your gin shelf is in need of a little more SA in it, we wanted to offer the bottles to you at a tidy discount 💪

Click Shop Now below, select your preferred bottle (or bottles).

👍 Use the Code Less10 at checkout for $10 off a single bottle.

👍 Use the code Less15 at checkout for a $15 discount off 2 bottle orders.

👍 Or use Less25 at checkout for a $25 discount off 4 bottle orders.

We’ll post your order out first thing tomorrow. Enjoy your cheap gin and thanks for stopping by to have a squiz! Click shop now to place your order 👇