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How To Make A Blackberry Rose Vanilla Bombshell




How To Make:


  • 60ml @unexpectedguestdistillery
  • Bobby’s London Dry Gin
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 30ml home made blackberry sugar syrup
  • Dash of Vanilla extract
  • Ice
  • Egg white/aquafaba
  1. Add ingredients in a shaker
  2. Shake shake shake for approx 1 min or until ice melts and you have a glorious foam.
  3. Pour into your fave cocktail glass and garnish with some gorgeous damask roses & saffron flowers and a sprinkle of lemon thyme from the patch.

The aroma from the flowers is so beautiful and the Gin is full of citrus and a slight hint of pepper, they both complement the cocktail beautifully.

Published Feb 11, 2023

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