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How to Make The Rise & Shine Espresso Martini




How To Make:



☕ 30-60ml fresh espresso coffee
☕ 1 big tsp of biscoff paste
☕ 1 tsp chai tea
☕ 30ml coffee liqueur
☕ 30ml coffee gin
☕ Ice


  1. Extract espresso and stir in Biscoff spread until melted
  2. Add chai tea and let sit to infuse for a min. (it’ll be strained out later)
  3. Throw infused biscoff/espresso mix and all other ingredients into a shaker
  4. Shake hard for a good foam, double strain into a biscoff-rimmed glass and go your hardest. Feel free to plonk another spoonful of biscoff in like we did!


Disclaimer: Best consumed on your own in a dark room… as there will be some pretty ugly tongue action going on 😆

Published Jan 19, 2023

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