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The Distiller’s Guide To Pink Gin and Soda Water Options


Pink Gin and Soda Water


Pink gin and soda is an increasingly popular combination that comes in many forms.


Whether it’s adding pink gin to your favourite fizzy drink, mixing up a classic cocktail or trying one of the premixed pink gin and soda drinks readily available, pink gin and soda water has become a go-to option for Australian gin drinkers.


History of Pink Gin Gin


Wondering how we got to pink gins in the first place?


The pink gin cocktail first became popular at the start of the 19th century when sailors would add Angostura Bitters, a type of pink bitters, to their regular gins as a means of making them more palatable.


This tradition soon caught on with fashionable drinkers across Europe who embraced the flavoursome mix and began to serve pink gin at high-class gatherings and parties.


It wasn’t long until distillers took the trend even further and nowadays, pink gin and pink spirits are on the rise in a big way.


Does Pink Gin and Soda Water Taste Good?


Pink gin and soda water is a very popular way to drink gin! The combination of the sweet citrus flavours of pink gin and the fizziness of soda water create a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for sipping on a hot day.


Pink Gin and Soda Garnish Ideas


The range of garnish options for pink gin and soda drinks is pretty endless. But three that work really well are as follows:




Strawberry works great as a garnish for a huge range of gins. But it’s in pink gin that it really shines. The naturally fruitiness and sweet strawberry flavour works wonders in a soda and gin drink, adding to the flavour profile of botanical-rich pink gin.


Blackberry & Mint

It’s probably not the most obvious garnish combo that springs to mind, but give blackberry and mint a go! Each on their own make a fantastic garnish, but as a combination, the freshness of the mint, combined with the tartness of blackberries really works well together.



Garnishes such as strawberries, lime wedges or pink grapefruit slices to add an extra touch of pink sparkle. For pink gin and coke in particular, try adding some pink sugar crystals into your glass for an eye-catching finish.


4 Most Popular Premixed Pink Gin and Soda Brands in Australia


If you’re looking for something pre-mixed, then these are the four most popular pink gin and soda brands in Australia:

  1. Gordon’s Pink Gin & Soda
  2. Bloom pink gin and soda
  3. Tanqueray pink gin and soda
  4. Four Pillars pink gin and soda


Pink Gin and Soda Water Cocktail Ideas


There are a variety of pink gin cocktails that use soda water, from the classic pink gin fizz to something more exotic like a pink paloma or a pink kir royal.


Pink Gin Fizz Recipe



Handful of ice

  1. 50 ml best pink gin you can find
  2. 25 ml Grenadine
  3. 25 ml Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed is optimal)
  4. Soda Water (enough to top up the glass)
  5. 1 sliced Lemon for in the glass and to garnish


Making it is easy! Pop everything above into a shaker, shake it up and serve!


Pink Gin and Soda Water Alternatives


If pink gin and soda isn’t for you, there are a variety of other alternatives that you can try.


One option is to make a pink martini cocktail, which requires pink gin shaken with lime juice and topped up with pink cranberry juice or pink grapefruit juice.


Or if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, why not give pink French Kiss Martini a go? This involves combining pink vodka (or pink gin), crème de cassis and pineapple juice served over ice.


Pink gin and soda is a delicious combination that has been enjoyed for centuries – so why not give it a try? Whether you decide to make your own cocktail or opt for one of the pre-mixed options, pink gin and soda is sure to transport you to summery bliss with every sip. Enjoy!

Published Mar 12, 2023

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