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Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

We’ve been involved with sporting clubs and small organisations our whole lives – and we get how hard it is to keep clubs afloat. That’s why we’re ALWAYS keen to help out with donations, by attending club events or running a gin-raiser (think wine drive, but with gin!).

We’ve helped a footy clubs, cricket clubs, dance studios, bowling clubs, youth theatres and those looking for school fundraising ideas.

We get a real buzz out of helping to raise much needed funds💪

So if you’re involved in a school or club of any shape or size that might be keen on a fundraiser, raffle prizes or even a custom gin or liqueur, we’d love to chat about how we can help 👍

Club Tastings & Fundraising

We love getting amongst it at club events! Cocktail nights, attending ladies days and free gin tastings are a great way to add some pizazz to your club events. We love hanging out, chatting with club supporters and adding to your event! You can even turn our attendance into a club fundraiser where you’ll receive a portion of all sales on the day!

Quiz Nights & Events

We’ve helped dozens of sporting clubs, charities and fundraising events by providing our products for prizes, raffles and auctions. We’d love to support your cause too!

School Fundraisers

If you’re looking to do a gin-raiser for yoru school, we make it easy and handle all the taking of and dispatching orders.

We setup an ordering page for your school (here is an example of Warradale Primary School’s gin-raiser).

You simply direct the school community to order directly from our website. Your school receives a percentage of all sales for the period of the fundraiser.

Custom Club Gin

Seen all the AFL and NRL club gins lately? Let’s do it for your club! Club gins are a new-ish club fundraiser that we’ve been offering in season 2023 and they’ve been a real hit! We handle everything from label design, making the gin and shipping it direct to your club members once they’ve purchased. It’s a done-for-you way to create some cool buzz around the club, plus raise funds in a unique way!

Current Fundraiser Gins

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