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This South-East Asian Inspired Cocktail Will Knock Your Socks Off


How To Make:


🌶️ 60ml Chilli @death.gin
🌶️ 30ml lime juice (we only had lemon and still worked!)
🌶️ 2ml fish sauce
🌶️ 2 slices fresh chilli (or some chilli sambal)
🌶️ Torn kaffir lime leaf (optional)
🌶️ 4 sprigs coriander, torn
🌶️ 1 drop of sesame oil
🌶️ Ice

  1. Throw everything in a shaker
  2. Shake & double strain
  3. Enjoy!

This will take you to your fave South-East Asian holiday memory.

Published Jan 19, 2023

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