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What To Mix With Pink Gin: 7 Best Pink Gin Mixers


Just picked up a bottle of pink gin and wondering how on earth to drink it?


Or do you have an affinity for the classic spirit but don’t know what to mix with pink gin?


Fear not! We’re about to dive into some delicious pink gin mixers!


Not all pink gins are equal


The exact flavour profile of your pink gin will vary depending on the brand or distiller.


Some distillers infuse their gin with red fruits such as strawberries or raspberries, while others add floral botanicals such as rose petals or hibiscus.


Pink gin can come in different styles, ranging from sweet to dry, depending on the botanicals and flavourings used.


Some pink gins are also bottled at a higher strength than others.


All these variables mean you can also enjoy them in a range of different mixers to bring the most out of the gin itself. Let’s take a look!


What To Mix With Pink Gin


Pink gin has certainly become increasingly popular in recent years, with its delicate floral notes and beautiful colour making it a favourite among gin drinkers. Here are the best mixers for pink gin!


Soda Water

Soda water is probably the most popular mixer for pink gin nowadays. You’ll find a lot of ready to drink or premixed pink gins in a can come in a soda mixer.


Tonic Water

pink gin with tonic

You can’t go past a good ‘ol G & T when it comes to pink gin. The key is choosing the best tonic for gin. If the pink gin you are having is on the sweeter side, then a lighter, dryer tonic will work well. If it’s a drier style of pink gin, Indian or Mediterranean tonic will likely suit.


Ginger Ale

If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, ginger ale is a great choice. You can try Fever-Tree’s Dry Ginger Ale as a starting point. That particular product has a hint of citrus in it, which works well with gin.


Cranberry Juice

Definitely not for everyone, but we’re seeing cranberry juice used more and more in the gin scene. If you’re looking for something fruity to pair with your pink gin, try adding a splash of cranberry juice. It’s tart and tangy but not too overpowering!



An elegant bubbly mixer for pink gin, prosecco is a great way to bring out the sweeter notes and makes for a cool, different drink to a standard gin and tonic for example. Its light bubbles add some sweetness while still keeping it crisp and refreshing.


Orange or Apple Juice


A classic mixer for pink gin, orange juice adds some zesty citrus flavour and is a good option for a bit of a change-up from tonic or soda.


The sweet-tart flavour of apple is another option to try as it often pairs perfectly with the taste of the gin itself.


It’s refreshing and pairs perfectly with the slightly bitter taste of the spirit itself, making it an ideal choice when you want something a little lighter than usual.



pink gin and lemonade

Our Native Pink Gin is on the dryer side, so people looking for a pop of sweet often enjoy it with a sweet mixer, just like lemonade or Sprite! Drinks like lemonade do tend to mask some of the flavours in gin, but on the other hand, they’re also super easy to drink!


Summing Up


So now you know what to mix with the best pink gin! Whether you go for something simple like tonic water or soda, or want to try something different like a juice,  you can’t go wrong. Take your pink gin experience to the next level with these tasty mixers!


Published Mar 14, 2023

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